Dating Tech is a leading Dating Website Development Company. We create easy to use and splendid looking dating websites. Our dating portal solutions make these websites a joy to use. We know what it takes to create a dating site that looks good, has great functions and increases traffic.

We have a team of experienced developers who will create functionality for your dating website. Our developers are aware of the latest trends in the dating industry and will help you create a great user experience based on your vision for the site. We provide customized solutions including website design, dating site installations and custom dating site development options.

Key Features of Dating Website


Profile Building:

Our simple to follow steps make profile creating a fun task.


Preference Filters:

Users can easily find their suitable matches as per their preference by using filters.


Profile Suggestions:

Inherently intelligent portal suggests user compatible profiles to connect with.


Mobile Messaging:

Allow your user to communicate easily via personal messenger.


View Counter:

User can know the likability of a certain profile by using a real-time counter.


Video Chat:

Offer voice and video chat to paid members. (This will turn non-paid members to upgrade their membership.


Extensive feature list follows

  • User Profile Support
  • Advanced and customizable profile
  • Flash and other media support
  • Profile image security
  • E-mail confirmation of profile activation
  • Detailed About me section
  • Password reset feature
  • Built-in Search Engine
  • Expedited search
  • Search by Username
  • Automatic Matchmaking
  • Area-based local searches
  • Online or Offline status of user profile
  • Notifications and Communication
  • Dedicated Mailbox
  • Message Boards
  • Personal Messenger
  • New message alert to email
admin_dashboard (1)

Single Admin Dashboard:

The single admin dashboard is protected with a password which ensures 100 per cent privacy of data.


Payment Gateway Integration:

We provide payment gateway integration if your website is a paid portal. Complete control of membership levels will be in your hands. You can choose from plenty of templates and customize your home page. The dashboard lets you manage FAQs, Terms and conditions, links, services and contact us information. With one-click, you can access profile stats, keep a check on a number of online members, current registrations, blacklisting a profile and editing login and reset password options.

Technologies we use

  • Laravel (PHP Framework) 5.7
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript as frontend
  • Paid/Letsencrypt free SSL
  • MySQL Database
  • Mailgun for mail config
  • Google Static Map API
  • Hosting can be any dedicated Ubuntu servers
  • Passport & JWT for Authentication Package
  • Twillio/Facebook Account kit for OTP verification
  • Google Map Places API
  • Stripe payment gateway

Some words from our happy clients

Frequently Asked Questions

Time duration depends on the level of customization and data migration. Generally, the time frame ranges 5-6 weeks to 6 months.

Yes, we provide dating web redesign services. If you feel that your site is looking outdated and old, you can contact us for availing our exclusive website redesign services. Other than this, we also offer brochure redesign, business card redesign.

It depends upon the type of project work. To cite an example, designing a simple dating site will need only a project manager and a web designer. But designing an advanced dating website will require number of project managers, web designers and testers.

To secure the database and code and incorporates anti-spam codes which keep your website hack safe. We offer installation or SSL certificates. Take note, that even World’s top-secret Websites are also not 100 per cent hack-secured, What is exactly do is make it a tough task for the hackers to enter your site.

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